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Cigars and Cognac are as old a combination as Napoleon and Josephine. The Resort Martino Cigar and Club bar offers the finest Cuban and domestic cigars at a fraction of the standard prices. As well we offer a variety of fine Cognacs and single malt Scotch. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a game of pool, watch your favorite sporting event, or just kick back and enjoy a great smoke!

"If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go."
- Mark Twain

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Tel ++(506) 433-8382 - Fax ++(506) 433-9052

In front of ZooAve - La Garita - Alajuela
P.O.BOX 2203-4050 Costa Rica

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Romeo Y Julieta

Enjoy your favorite Cognacs and single malt Scotch!

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