Alfonso Martino:
Founder, Resort Martino
October 19, 1998

After opening four traditional hotels in Italy, Alfonso Martino the original founder thought the future of vacations would always be more SPA oriented. Alfonso learned from National Geographic that the region known as La Garita de Alajuela in Costa Rica was listed among three areas with the best climate on the planet; dry, with light breeze and a temperature between 18 and 25 centigrade all year round. He then decided to use La Garita as a corner stone to create a world class resort and Spa. The result was a combination of the best European lodging traditions and the lushness of the Tropics in an Area blessed by nature, where Flora and Fauna mix in a climate ideally suited for energy recovery, relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

"The architecture has not been easy, as the great architect of the universe had made such a magnificent job here. It has not been easy to compete with the trees and bamboo, so majestic, that they nearly touch the sky.
-Alfonso Martino-

The Resort is now run by Adriano Martino who continues his fathers dream of running a world class Resort and Spa in the magical paradise of Costa Rica.
The Martino's also operate a five star Resort in Italy


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